The Devil Went Down to Boston

Evil Pats

Courtesy – Dominic Davis

A bona fide cheating scandal met with no more than a wrist slap, a 6th round pick future hall of fame QB, three superbowls in four years and numerous bad character guys contributing to the team’s success and maybe just maybe it’s finally turning sour for the New England Patriots.  It’s like the dark mysterious team sold it’s sport’s soul to the Devil for ten years of success in the NFL. How many things did they do that people questioned but then when it went right it was, “well it’s Belichick and the Patriots so of course it worked out.”  That was all well and good for ten years while the Pats were the cream of the crop in the AFC but now as the song says, ‘Times they are a changin‘.

Sure they still have Tom Brady and sure they won twelve games last year but they just lost their top five recievers from last year and I haven’t seen them do anything to fix that this offseason. Brady took a pay cut to keep his BFF Wes Welker, then whoops Welker signs with the Broncos. (boo freaking ya !) Then their monster (and somwhat of an idiot) Tight End, Rob Gronkowski, had half a dozen surgeries just this offseason and doesn’t look even near healthy. Then to add insult to injury their hybrid TE/Slot Reciever/Tail back, Aaron Hernandez, was just arrested for obstruction of justice in a murder case and could be in some serious hot water. That’s not including the loss of Brandon Lloyd and Julian Edelman as Free Agents, so where is the reason to think that the Pats won’t take a major step backwards offensively? I don’t want to hear the “well, Tom Brady makes these recievers great”, tell me if you honestly think Mathew Slater will become a 1,000 yard guy and Danny Amendola will be the next Welker. Ain’t going to happen folks.

Perhaps it’s time for the Hoodie to pay for his “stop at nothing to win” attitude in which he has for a fact cheated and spyed on other teams. Time for the most overrated team to not win a championship since 2004 to take a seat and maybe sob in the corner while things don’t go their way. Time for power in the AFC to shift away from a team that cheats and a coach that mumbles incoherently with less personality than a pinto bean.

I could get started on the whole signing of Tim Tebow but I will save that for another day. After this whole fiasco with Aaron Hernandez it got me thinking of the sleeze and darkness that is the New England Patriots. Maybe their Owner is  a classy guy and likely I’m over exaggerating but no one in the last decade has seemed to mention that this team went from rags to riches overnight and that it has had some of the bigger issues in the sport that have gone unnoticed because of a charismatic owner and a history of winning.

Maybe the Devil is back to reap his reward and I would be lying if I didn’t say that would make me smile like Jack Nicholson as the Joker. The Hierarchy of the AFC may have been in Boston for half of my lifetime but now it would seem without much doubt to be the boys in orange and blue back on top.


2 thoughts on “The Devil Went Down to Boston

  1. Two words, Kevin: Tuck Rule. It should have been obvious right then and there that lower powers were involved.

    And against the Raiders, no less…

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