Broncos Fans: Stop Whining!

By Eric Caveman

Bron SeaTwo weeks of the 2014 NFL season are in the books. The Denver Broncos are 2-0, and are unanimously ranked atop the power rankings by the national media. The rest of the AFC West has 1 win combined. The despised Seahawks are reeling from a San Diego thumping. Most everyone on the Broncos’ team is healthy, and Wes Welker is back practicing with the team after his suspension snafu. Prater is soon to follow.
So everything’s all happy and buzzing in Denver. There’s talk of going 16-0 and winning the Super Bowl flooding the headlines. Couldn’t be better, right?


The reaction from fans and the local media is that the Broncos are pathetic. Their offense has taken a significant step backwards. Their defense is Swiss cheese. Their play calling is horrendous. I’ve even heard talk that John Fox needs to fired.

What??? 31 other fan bases are probably wondering who stuck a stick up our collectiveAFC Championship - New England Patriots v Denver Broncos butts, and wishing they had our problems. Why should we not be stoked? When a team goes 2-0 to start the season, and is quarterbacked by a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer, it has a 99.96% chance of making the playoffs (yes, I made that up). Who is going to beat us in the AFC? Buffalo? Cincinnati? Certainly not the Patriots. The Broncos are about as sure to get back to the Super Bowl as a team can be.

So why all the fuss? Some say that Peyton Manning is having a bad start. I disagree – he’s 43 for 62 with 6 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Shut up. Others say that we’re having trouble scoring. Not really – in the first half of games (before a huge lead is established), the Broncos have scored touchdowns on 6 out of 9 drives. That’s ridiculous.

The only legitimate complaint is the play calling. We get these huge leads and then coast the rest of the way. This itself causes the other imaginary issues. For example, the Broncos defense is actually amazing…when they’re not handicapped by the prevent system. When the Broncos are 4-3-4, they get pressure, they stop runs, they cover well, and they give up almost no points. Then Fox puts them in a prevent defense, and they give up 10 yards a clip. The unit does what a prevent is designed to do: bend and not break. Is it frustrating? Yes. Has it failed? Nope.

Bron cray crayThe Broncos are 2-0 against playoff teams from last year. They COULD have scored 50 points per game, and held their opponents to 10 if Fox were more aggressive. But even if they had done that, they’d still be 2-0. And until the Broncos actually lose a game due to horrible play calling, Fox can keep his job. Everyone in Denver needs to calm down, stop whining, and appreciate the fact that we have the best team in the NFL right here. And no amount of play-calling sandbagging can hide that.

Now, who’s up for a little revenge?

A BFF, Fantasy and the Denver Broncos

A  football conversations between Kevin Gillikin and his BFF Eric Caveman Kosovich
Eric: So, I have another FF question for you (another league).
Let me know if you get sick of them! :)
 me:  Haha no it’s cool I like them!
 Eric:  Sweet:
Who should I start this week at #2 RB: Zac Stacy (vs TB) or Pierre Thomas (vs. Cle)?
 me:  I’d say Stacy. Third string QB, Stacy could get 30 touches
Thomas splits time and the Cle run D is pretty stout
 Eric:  Word.
How about Texans D (vs Oak) or Saints D (vs Cle)?
 me:  Ohhhhh good one….I’d say Texans…I’m not sold on the Saints D and the CLE run game looked good last week and Hoyer moved the ball better than I imagined
Houston pash rush vs a rookie should be wicked
 Eric:  Okay, true true.
I had Stacy in the lineup then started second-guessing myself based on last week.
 me:  Yaaa I’d say you’d regret it if you sat Stacy but I guess you never know
 Sent at 8:18 AM on Thursday
 Eric:  No, I agree – Stacy’s the better option.
But I did have NO’s D in there, thinking they’d have a big bounce-back game against Clevaland. At home.
But I forgot how terrible Oakland is. Lol.
 me:  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ya I just like the Texans better overall and Oakland is brutal
Saints wouldn’t be a bad start but if it was me I’d play Texans
 Eric:  Forgot it was Derek Carr.
Yup, and I think I agree. Saints will probably go up by 20 at half, and then get into the prevent.
 me:  Yup yup….I can see CLE putting up some points
 Eric:  So, how about this: Zac Stacy vs Shonn Green (against Dal)
me: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I’d still go Stacy
Stacy SHOULD be a top must start back
 Eric:  Saweet!!!!
Good, I really want to keep Stacy in, but I’m weak again the projections temptation.
 me:  Haha…hmmmm ya my thought would be Stacy
Ok for you..vincent jackson or Hakeem nicks
Jackson vs STL Nicks vvs Philly
 Sent at 8:25 AM on Thursday
 Eric:  Hmmmm
I personally would go Nicks.
TB vs STL could be an old-school defensive game with more turnoves than TD
 me:  yup thats what I thought..I JUST picked Nicks up and Jackson was horrible
 Eric:  Whereas Philly is going to pound NY into the GROUND, and then Nicks will get some looks in garbage time.
 me:  Nope Nicks is with Indy!
If that changes anaything ;)
 Eric:  Oh , he is? Fudgeeee
 me:  haha
 Eric:  Nope, just kidding. If anything, that’s better.
 me:  I see a shootout
 Eric:  Me too!
Better some Andy Luck than some life-by-last-name-alone
 me:  Hahaha amen
 Eric:  Boy, Eli SUCKS.
What happened? He was never elite (in my opinion), but he’s pulling a Matt Schaub.
 me:  Dude he’s horrible
I think he doesn’t understand the scheme
AND has a TERRIBLE oline
Eric: If Eli’s last name were anything else, he’d be gone.
Except maybe Brady or Brees.
Eli Brees.
 me:  Hmmmmm I think he’s tied to Coughlin though
 Eric:  Hahaha. Yup, and I think Coughlin’s lucky if he finishes the season.
 me:  Agreed!
 Eric:  Woot! So, any surprises for week 2?
 me:  Hmmm Jags beat Skins
 Eric:  Dangit, have to agree.
 me:  Jets compete with Packers
Chicago beats San Fran
Philly beats Indy
 Eric:  Oooh, really? See, I have two teams that are going to have “statement” games – NO and GB.
Bears, ok, ok.
Ouch. Indy goes 0-2.
 me:  I think the matchup of the Jets front 7 vs the pack oline is going to be a problem!
Yup Indy goes two games behind Tennessee
 Eric:  Hmm. Have to disagree with that one. But I’m being a homer, prolly! ;)
 me:  I think Packers win but it’ll be tougher than most people think
 Eric:  Wow. and Houston.
 me:  Yup and Houston! and behind Jags! ha!
 Eric:  That’s funny. Houston and Tenn 2-0, Indy 0-2. And Indy still with prolly no doubts about winning the division.
 me:  Yup! It’s amazing what scheduling will do
 Eric:  Think the Chiefs give us any problems?
 me:  I do actually……I think Broncos win by a touchdown but the line is at 14….I HATE John Fox
Eric: Hahahaha!!! Ditto. If Coughlin gets fire, he should come here.
 me:  Haha dude I’d take him!!! or Gruden!
 Eric:  GRUDEN!!!! Hahahahahaha
 me:  If Pete Carroll was here we would be the greatest team in history
 Eric:  Yup. That would be epic.
We need a nguy who wants to win 40-0 every game.
Foxy is just too nice.
 me:  Just someone who isn’t a panzy ass little Pu*** in play calling
Yup exactly!
 Eric:  That too.
 me:  hehe I’m pissed at him
 Eric:  Same. I don’t understand the mentality.
 me:  Nope me neither. KILL THEM.
 Eric:  “We’re ahead two TD’s again a team that is known for coming back in games, but I think the game’s over.”
 me:  YUp…so let’s play EFFING prevent defense from the first snap of the second half!!!!!
 Eric:  Vanilla offense, a D that’s softer than Sumo wrestler’s ass, and BOOM!
Make it loko like this team is just good.
Wow. I suck at typing.
 me:  Yup I hear ya
Makes me mad
 Eric:  Frick.
I HATE to say this, but I’d even take me some Belichick to get away from this sh*t.
 Sent at 8:43 AM on Thursday
 Eric:  Or some Rex Ryan.
 me:  Ya except I don’t want a cheater who sold his soul to the devil
hehe oh I’d LOVE Ryan
PFM would murder him though hehe
 Eric:  Hahaha! And to be honest, I think that’s why we still have Foxy – he’ll let Peyton do whatever he wants.
me: Ya but then why doesnt PFM run the score up?? He did in Indy
 Eric:  Good question…maybe he’s tired, lol.
But here’ the thing – I know Del Rio has gotta HATE the prevent. Why does Fox overrule him?
 me:  Ya I don’t know….I reallly really don’t get it
 Eric:  It’s not like it was one or two gameplans that got away. They have a STEADY history of it. Yet they never learn.
At what point do they say “this sucks?”
 me:  Yup they’ve done it for two years and it’s almost bit them in the butt several times
 Eric:  Maybe Fox likes giving his heart some exercise.
 me:  Haha must be it
 Eric:  As a fan, it sucks. When Tebow was doing his thing, I spent all game expecting a loss, and he’d pull a W out. Then I was victoriously happy all week.
 me:  Hahaha exactly!!!!
 Eric:  With this crap, I start the game out on a total high. Then, by the time 60 mins is done, I feel like we’ve lost.
 me:  Haha ya! This last week was brutal
 Eric:  Anyway, enough bitching…they’re still going to win the Super Bowl.
Hehe, amen!
 me:  Haha agreed! Who else is there in the AFC??
 Eric:  Miami. Lol
 me:  LOLZ
 Eric:  Maybe Cincy.
 me:  LOLZ
 Eric:  Psh.
 me:  Also why is no one talking about Manning not playing very well?
 Eric:  Because he only threw 3 TD’s! And a sweet 11-yd scramble. :D I thought Den would have a rough time getting a high seed because of the NFC West.
 me:  Hahaha true but he had a LOT of overthrows
Ya but now I think AZ is the second best team in the wEst
 Sent at 5:00 PM on Wednesday
 Eric:  (sorry for topic change).
But after seeing NE’s failsauce, I think the #1 seed in the AFC could be 12-4 or even 11-5!
Also, another side note – you could totally capture this conversation, and post it on a blog. LOL!
 me:  Ya true story!
hahahaha that’s true too! I should

KG’s NFL Power Rankings – 2014

I watched a lot of preseason football this year and I know as well as anyone that preseason doesn’t always show you the truth. Still, power rankings are more of an opinion than almost anything else in sport’s media and it’s fun to rank the teams that I personally like or dislike.

If you disagree….deal with it.

Bills32. Buffalo Bills

I had some hopes for the Bills in the offseason but after watching them this preseason…..youch. It’s very possible that Kyle Orton is the best QB on this team and EJ Manuel is likely one of the biggest busts in the last few years.

31. Dallas Cowboys

The Boys have the least talent overall in the NFL. The only reason they are not dead bottom is Tony Romo and his clutch abilities in the regular season to win games. This team could win 4 games this season.

30. Oakland Raiders

I actually really like Derek Carr as a QB and Raiders’ fans should have some hope for the future. That said, they have no skill players on offense or defense. Their drafting woes in the past will affect them still for a few more years.

29. New York Giants

Eli is terrible. Defense is old. Coughlin is older.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jags are actually a team on the upswing this year. Once Bortless gets in at QB I will have them higher on my rankings…as of now, Chad Henne just doesn’t do it for me.

27. Cleveland Browns

LOVE the Browns defense. Brian Hoyer to Miles Austin is not the greatest QB/WR combo in the league. Josh Gordon is out and Johnny Football will be in by week 5 after a BRUTAL early schedule.

26. Kansas City Chiefs

Playoff team, Andy Reid, Alex Smith…blah blah blah. Tough division, a mehCheifs quarterback and again just not enough skilled players to be a good team.

25. Tennessee Titans

Jake Locker is in a position where he HAS to show something or his future in Tennessee is in question. Is there a team in football that gets less media attention than the Titans?

24. Minnesota Vikings

Vikings have a decent future ahead of them with a good O-line and a nice young hurler in Bridgewater. They also play in a brutal division, their superstar RB wants to be traded and Matt Cassel will probably start the year at Q….

23. Washington Redskins

I have three NFC East teams in the bottom ten in the league. Redskins have their best QB on the team as their backup and have a defense that is a sieve.

22. Houston Texans

The Texans are higher than most people have them I know. Their defense is good enough to keep them in some games and they have enough talent on offense to make it interesting. Also play in a VERY weak division.

21. Miami Dolphins

I like Tannehill and they have a decent offense but they’re just not quite there yet for me. This is a team that could move up this list quickly but not they’re a meh team for me.

Bradford20. St Louis Rams

This one hurts. I loved the Rams up til the Bradford injury but a team without a QB only succeeds once every ten years or so. This defensive line could be the best in football though.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A nice looking team with a good new coach in Lovie Smith. Still, don’t have that QB that makes them a winning team. A bright future but not this year.

18.) Atlanta Falcons

Falcons have a ton of offensive weapons. Ryan, White, Jones…..still, not much of a running game and a crappy defense keeps them out of the top 15.

17. Baltimore Ravens

An underwhelming, over payed QB plus a young defense has me not believing in the Ravens. Also on a personal level I hate them.

16. San Francisco 49ers

A lot of people have them winning the NFC. C’mon son. They don’t like their coach, their QB is erratic and half their defense is hurt or suspended. 9ers miss the playoffs.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers

Roethlisburger looked terrible in the third preseason game and I just don’t think heBig Ben likes or understands Todd Haley’s offense. Losing Emmanuel Sanders is a bigger deal than most people think.

14. Carolina Panthers

Panthers are right on the edge for me. Newton COULD have a great year. Defense COULD be great again. Running backs COULD be good enough. The team doesn’t have a single pass catcher remaining from 2013. Wow.

13. Indianapolis Colts

I love Luck. Dude is an elite quarterback who put this team on his back last year and almost made it deep into the playoffs. His O-line is really banged up and his second option at WR is old fart Reggie Wayne…Indy has to prove a lot to me.

12. New York Jets

I really like this defense and Rex Ryan is making this into another ground and pound type team. That’s the only way they succeed with Geno Smith as their QB. Still, an intriguing team heading into the season and I have them as an early WC winner.

11. Cincinnati Bengals

The AFC North could be won at 9-7 this year and I think the Bengals are the class of the division. Dalton and AJ Green have been a killer team during the regular season and I really like young RB Giovanni Bernard.

Cardinals10. Arizona Cardinals

The NFC West could have three teams in the playoffs this year and Arizona only barely missed out last season. They are a QB away from being a very good team and Palmer is just good enough to make them interesting. Really good defense that lost some players.

9. San Diego Chargers

Mike McCoy is a brilliant offensive mind and he has proved that with his work with Phillip Rivers. This could be a top five offense in the league and the defense is good enough that this team will threaten Denver in the AFC West.

8. Detroit Lions

I like the Lions. Or their offense at least. Stafford, Johnson , Bush…they will put up a lot of points. If their defense can match that remains to be seen.

7. Green Bay Packers

Boy oh boy they didn’t look like a top ten team last night. Still, Rodgers and Lacy will make them good, jury is out for if they can be very good. My stock in the Packers is on the downswing.

6. Chicago Bears

Odd to have three divisional teams three in a row? Maybe. Still the NFC North could be the most interesting division in football this year. Bears have a ton of potential on offense and if Cutler can put it together they could be a top three team in the NFC.

5. New England Patriots

Will they ever NOT be a top five team? Tom Brady says he will play forever and Darth BelichickBelicheat sold his soul to….well….they’re going to be good though and the AFC is bad enough, the Pats could look GREAT!

4. New Orleans Saints

Brees was hurt coming into the third preseason game and came in and looked like he never missed a day. This offense could possibly be better than the Broncos and the defense looks to have improved under Coach Ryan. In my mind their are clearly two teams well atop the NFC.

3. Philadelphia Eagles

I have a huge crush on the Iggles and on Chip Kelly’s offense. Foles is perfect for the system, McCoy is one of the best players in the league and they have enough around them to be a top five offense. Their defense is hugely questionable but I think they will be a top three team in the NFC in a brutal NFC East they could sweep.

2. Seattle Seahawks

Really it’s more like 1 and 1A for me. Seahawks are a great team. They have the best defense in football without a question and with Percy Harvin healthy their offense isn’t half bad. They are the class of the NFC and if they get home field through the playoffs I see another superbowl appearance in 2014/15.

Broncos31. Denver Broncos

Homerism…sure. Still, the Broncos were killer in the preseason and their offseason was probably the best in football. Ware, Ward, Talib, Sanders all added to a superbowl attending team. They are hugely improved and there’s no reason to think they aren’t the best team in the AFC. Right now it looks like we should have a rematch of last year’s superbowl and I can promise the outcome would be at least more competitive.


2014 NFL Power Rankings – Week 1

According to the Caveman

Titans32. Tennessee Titans – There’s absoultely nothing going for this team other than a couple of Bronco rejects on defense. Likely Locker’s last season as an NFL starter.

31. Minnesota Vikings – Matt Cassel won a 3-way QB competition. That’s all you need to know.

30. Washington Redskins – They gambled everything on the hope that RG3 would be a sensational QB. Unfortunately for them, he’s not. In fact, he’s pretty bad. The ‘Skins are facing another rough year.

29. Oakland Raiders – They have a decent team that would probably go 7-9 in a normal division. But they’re in the jungle, baby. They’re gonna die.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars – I hate to admit it – Blake Bortles looks like the best QB of this draft. But that’s not going to save them, even when they finally start him.

27. Buffalo Bills – I like their first-round pick in Sammy Watkins. I think he may even win rookie of the year. But the rest of the team is toast.

26. Dallas Cowboys – When Jerry Jones says that this season might be rough forVikings v Cowboys America’s Ex-Team, then they are seriously screwed. Usually he says they’re Super Bowl bound, before they get demolished in the first playoff game.

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Meh. Solidly meh. Made some great moves, but they’re not going to pull a KC and make the playoffs after a 3-13 season.

24. Cleveland Browns – I really want the Browns to do well. But their (lack of) WR’s and QB’s will hold them back. Great D, though. Expect a lot of 13-7 games in Cleveland.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers – Still re-building. Big Ben won 2 Super Bowls riding a good defense, but he’s not good enough to carry this team by himself.

22. New York Jets – Who doesn’t like some Rex Ryan? Here’s to the Jets having another average season.

21. New York Giants – Offense continues to struggle. How long can Eli Manning ride his Super Bowls and last name before he starts being questioned as the undisputed starting QB?

20. Kansas City Chiefs – Here’s the good news: the Chiefs are a decent team. Here’s the bad news: they play in the AFC West.

19. Detroit Lions – I keep seeing the Lions projected to make the playoffs. No chance. Good numbers will be put up on both sides of the ball, but this is merely a team made for Fantasy Football.

18. Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens are so overrated. Kubiak is the only addition worth mentioning. They are going to miss the playoffs by a game or two.

17. Houston Texans – Yes, they were the worst team in the league last year. Yes, they have Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB. Yes, I think will have a winning season.

16. St. Louis Rams – Poor Rams. Poor Sam Bradford. They had so much potential.

15. Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins are an under-the-radar team that I think will squeak into the playoffs. An improving QB, a solid RB tandem, and a good defense will get them places.

14. Cincinnatti Bengals – Same old Bengals. They’ll make the playoffs by default due to their crummy division, and then fizzle out like they always do.

13. Indianapolis Colts – Luck’s got a lot of weapons, and a better-than-advertised defense. But he’d better hope the o-line gets their crap together.

12. Atlanta Falcons – Yet another high-powered NFC offense. They have their health back, and I think Matty will have his “Ice” back.

11. Arizona Cardinals – There is one weak link on this team, and it’s CarsonCardinals Palmer. Put a top-10 QB in here, and watch out for the Cardinals!

10. Seattle Seahawks – Seattle’s going to fall back. They have not handled winning well, and it’s going to bite them big-time. They might even have a tough time getting back into the playoffs in a brutal NFC.

9. Carolina Panthers – No wide receivers? An underperforming O-line? No problem. Cam Newton is gonna join the elite QB crew this year.

8. San Francisco 49ers – This will be an unpopular pick for my host Kevin Gillikin. Sorry bro. The Niners, even with all their injuries and offensive problems, will still win the division. Don’t be a hater.

7. San Diego Chargers – The Chargers won a playoff game last year, and nearly beat the Broncos twice. San Diego is making it even farther this year. I’m going so far to say the AFC Championship game.

6. New England Patriots – I hate Tom Brady, but he’s still Tom Brady. Improved defense too. Is it strange that the second best team in the AFC is ranked down at #6?

5. Chicago Bears – Jay Culter, Brandon Marshall, Alshony Jeffery, Matt Forte. This team is frightening.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – I was wrong about Chip Kelly. I admit it. Last year, I pegged him as the next Josh McDaniels. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Eagles are going to kick butt this year, aided by their trash division.

3. New Orleans Saints – The Saints will have the highest-flying offense this year. And their defense is scary good.

2. Green Bay Packers – Yes, that’s right. The team to beat in the NFC is Green Bay. The offense could very easily challenge the Broncos and Saints this year as the best in the NFL. Rodgers is an absolute beast.

1. Denver Broncos – Went to the Super Bowl last year, and got a whole lot betterPFM on both offense and defense. What can I say? The Super Bowl curse is going to end.




Stay tuned for Kevin’s Power Rankings on Thursday!

Denver Broncos Cutest Players

Is this strange, questionable and unmanly?….Yeah, maybe. Still, a huge percentage of fans of the orange and blue are women and a huge percentage of those women put huge stock into who the stud muffins are on the field.

So, like it or not, here’s my list of the top five cutest Broncos!

.5 Rahim Moore


The guy has that sexy/cuddly look that earns him a spot on this list. Add that to a built body and the dude has got the look. Maybe a bit infamous and odd but that has nothing to do with looks!

.4 Wes Welker


Icy blue eyes, gorgeous facial hair and a wit to match makes Welker a clear choice for our top five. The man could woo unicorns with that stare and his smile has been rumored to send shivers down the spine of blind people.

.3 Ronnie Hillman



Hillman may not be the all time favorite running back in Denver but he has the look. He’s got that sleek style and grace that just screams CUTE! Ronnie may still be a boy but there’s a lot to like about this young man.

.2 Brock Osweiler


What more do I need to say? The hair, the height the smirk. This guy has a look that almost says…Elvis. Got the arm of Zeus and the face of an angel.

.1 Emmanuel Sanders


Uhhh need I say more? Sanders may be the newest Bronco but he is quite clearly the cutest. I’d give my left peck for that body and he’s got the face to back it up!


Peyton Manning did not make the list but he was a runner up along with Orlando Franklin.

Never too early to over hype the Denver Broncos

Preseason is all about practice, conditioning and seeing what five or six players will impress the coaches enough to earn their way onto the 53 man roster. The scores don’t matter, wins and losses don’t mean crap and there should be zero excitement following a blowout win against a quality NFL team.

That’s at least what most people will tell you.

I’m not one of those stupid sport’s pundits tries to suck all the fun out of anything and everything that’s not the Superbowl.

Preseason IS a glorified practice but it means something and occasionally it shows a lot about one or both teams that face off on the preseason gridiron. The Broncos against 49ers was one of those times.

Butt whooping, slaughter fest, smashing, murderation…..all words that come to mind following Sunday’s 34-0 clobbering of the San Francisco football team. The question all morning has been asking if this is a bigger deal for Denver or San Fran. I’d say it’s equally good for the Broncos and really really worrying for the Niners.


Peyton Manning could have an even better year than he did last year. Considering he hadManning possibly the greatest season that any QB has ever had…that’s no small prediction.  It’s also not a huge stretch to think it a possibility. The O-line should be better with Ryan Clady back in the lineup at Left Tackle and big Orlando Franklin moving to guard they should be a stout group. Eric Decker left to the Jets but they brought in a faster, smaller but potentially more skilled receiver in Emmanuel Sanders who should flourish under PFM’s leadership. The Thomas boys (Demaryious and Julius) should have another huge year and Wes Welker is always that annoying little security blanket that will destroy the middle of the field week after week.

The one weakness this offense could have is at running back. The Broncos lost Moreno to free agency after a career year in 2013 and the 3rd year of Ronnie Hillman doesn’t promise to be any better than his last two. Montee Ball is the future hopeful star for the team and undrafted rookie, Juwan Thompson, has been impressive in the preseason but the position may be the team’s weakest.

Anyway….I’m getting carried away with season previews when really what I wanted to say was the game against the 49ers showed me a lot.

The Broncos are going to be great and the 49ers are hugely overrated. National media dopes keep touting San Fran as the “team to come out of the NFC” and I just see no reason to believe that. They are banged up, have a QB who is talented but erratic and have a coach that the players don’t like and who was almost traded to the Cleveland Browns in the offseason. Add that to a brutally tough NFC West division and a tough schedule and this team doesn’t even make the playoffs.

Preseason shows which teams are coached well, healthy and most importantly which teams have depth. The Broncos showed in colors that they are DEEP. They are three deep in nearly every position and there’s only one injury that would kill this team’s season and after seeing Brock Osweiler on Sunday, I think he could be a good to very good replacement for the great PFM.

Rambling over.

Broncos finish the season 14-2

49ers finish the season 7-9

2014 Denver Broncos – Season Predictions

By guest writer Eric “the Caveman” Kosovich


It’s that time of year again. The Broncos aren’t even halfway through the pre-season, and already fools like me are trying to predict the season’s outcome. It’s an exercise in futility, and yet…

My prediction last year wasn’t all that horrible: I had the Broncos going 13-3, with losses to the Patriots and Chargers. Meh, that was probably just luck. Speaking of luck, here it goes:

Week 1: vs. Indiannapolis Colts

Andrew Luck is really good. Peyton Manning is better. Denver’s team is better than the Indy’s at every position. The Broncos cruise.

WIN (1-0)

Week 2: vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs will not be the same team they were last year. They still may go above .500, but they will not beat the Broncos, especially at home.

WIN (2-0)reid_sad

Week 3: @ Seattle Seahawks

I thought about this game for a long time. 43-8 was the last score in a meaningful game between these two teams. Yes, the Broncos have gotten better, but they will be playing in Seattle – an extremely difficult place to play historically. On the other hand, I think Seattle’s in for a rough season. After winning the Super Bowl, the ‘Hawks talked too much, they were sore winners, and by all accounts they are not very focused on improving their game. The Broncos are the exact opposite, and  I think will deal the Seahawks their second loss in three games (Seattle will also lose their first game against the Green Bay Packers) , sending the champs reeling to a 1-2 start. The Broncos on the other hand will be:

WIN (3-0)

Week 4: Bye Week

Why have a bye week this early? I have no idea. This is the NFL being stupid.


Week 5: vs. Arizona Cardinals

Back-to-back bouts with the NFC West, and I think the Broncos win both. The Cardinals are a tough team with a good run game and a stout defense. But Carson Palmer at QB? Meh. Coming off a bye week, Denver should be able to outlast the Cards.

WIN (4-0)

Week 6: @ New York Jets


Hello, Eric Decker! Yes, we kind of miss you, but really our split was your loss, not ours. It’s hard to be a good receiver when you don’t have a good QB. In fact, it’s hard to be a good team when you don’t have a good QB. Broncos win.

WIN (5-0)

Week 7: vs. San Franciso 49ers

I fully expect the Niners to take a step back this year – they have too many injuries, and haven’t improved at all from last year. They may even miss the playoffs. HOWEVER, I really don’t like this matchup. It’s a prime-time game, which historically has been known to throw the Broncos off track. Other than that? I don’t know, I just have a bad feeling about this one.

LOSS (5-1)

Week 8: vs. San Diego Chargers

The Chargers are my sleeper team. I think they will very easily make the playoffs, and maybe even go pretty deep into them. The Broncos are a better team, but it’s also a Thursday night – which means Manning will probably be so PO’ed at the NFL he may not give it his all.

LOSS (5-2)

Week 9: @ New England Patriots

The final leg of a rough 3-game stretch. And the Broncos will lose all three, causing the national and local media alike to start minor panic. Are the Broncos good enough to get back to the Super Bowl? Are they even going to make the playoffs? Etc., etc. Shut up. Incidentally, why do the Broncos ALWAYS play in New England and never face the Pats at home?

LOSS (5-3)

Week 10: @ Oakland Raiders

Haha, I remember when playing Oakland was a challenge. Denver purges their 3-game losing streak demons and destroys the baddies.

WIN (6-3)

Week 11: @ St. Louis Rams

Wow, three road games in a row. What the heck, NFL? The Rams are going to be pretty good this year, but not that good. Broncos roll again.

WIN (7-3)

Week 12: vs. Miami Dolphins

I like Miami to squeak into the playoffs with the 6th seed this year. But no surprise upset against the class of the AFC.

WIN (8-3)


Week 13: @ Kansas City Chiefs

For years and years, the Broncos could automatically chalk up a loss when playing in Arrowhead. Then Manning came along, and the Chiefs got bad, and now a sweep of our red rivals is expected. I don’t know, call me crazy – the Arrowhead blues come back to visit the Broncos for old time’s sake.

LOSS (8-4)

Week 14: vs. Buffalo Bills

Sammy Watkins is going to have a spectacular season, and win rookie of the year. This will be the first game he goes under 3 receptions due to tough and nasty coverage from Aqib Talib. Roasted.

WIN (9-4)

Week 15: @ San Diego Chargers

Broncos learn from their earlier loss to the Chargers, and get this one in San Diego. This will be the biggest win of the season, as the Chargers are right on the heels of the Broncos. This gives our boys a little breathing room in the division.

WIN (10-4)

Week 16: @ Cincinnati Bengals

The Broncos’ defense will be going into playoff mode at this point, and choke the life out of the Ginger Ninja. The Bengals don’t score a single touchdown, and the Broncos are feeling good.

WIN (11-4)

Week 17: vs. Oakland Raiders

brockAt the point, the Broncos will have just barely clinched the AFC West division, and the Chargers are accepting the 5th-seed Wild Card. The Raiders have done okay for themselves, but are squarely out of contention. Both Oakland and Denver play mostly backups, and the Broncos’ backups are better. Of note: Brock Osweiler starts the second half, and shines brightly.

WIN (12-4)

A 12-4 record in this AFC should be enough for a first seed, but at the very least will give the Broncos a first-round bye in the playoffs. Disagree with any predictions? Spout off!