Kevin Gillikin

Welcome to my Website!

Kevin HeadshotI am ready and crazy excited to get my broadcasting career started and I’m looking forward to my first shot at a career in a field that I love and that career might just be with you!

For my unique perspective on sports in Denver and throughout the world read my blog.

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If you want to listen to some of my audio demos from my sports radio show to news updates to interviews click here.

Or if you would rather watch some of the video I’ve put together including a music video, a one minute commercial and a short news cast click here.

I also have a resume page which I keep as up to date as possible which lists my school and job history as well as relevant skills and recent jobs in the industry. To see my resume click here.

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I also have a page for my photo gallery. Some pictures may be a bit more professional than others but hopefully they will help you see who I really am. To see photos click here.